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FOCUS on Imaging UK with AmbientLife

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FOCUS ON IMAGING is Europe's biggest annual imaging show, covering all aspects of photography from image capture through to output and beyond. Aimed mainly at the professional image maker and processor, as well as buyers of image making equipment and materials, the top manufacturers from around the World display their latest equipment and developments and this year UK commercial car photographer Tim Wallace has work on display from 3 of the very best, Nikon UK, Profoto Sweden and Epson UK at the show.

Tim -"It's always great to have our work displayed at an event of this scale and notoriety, over recent years we have seen an increased interest in the work and photography that we create for our European and US based clients from the manufacturers and suppliers themselves which I personally feel is a real credit to the AmbientLife and the people that we work with each year that help us do what we do best, 'inspire' through quality photography. In the first few months of 2013 we have been working with Profoto in Sweden to record 4 distinct videos that talk about our work and our approach and are due to be launched globally on April 1st this year. We have also been working with Nikon UK to supply inspirational car photography that they have used across differing marketing campaigns such as the recent Nikon FX brochures released early 2013 and work that is due to be launched in the coming month through the Nikon PRO magazine. We have also had a long standing relationship with Epson UK and as we have done previously at UK and International events with them, we are once again supplying work that they are displaying in their event area as well as using this for large format test print samples to demonstrate their excellence within the professional printing industry. Its a great honour to work with these companies and not only support their drive within the industry but also the industry as a whole."

Some of our work at the 2013 Epson event within Focus

Nikon FX publication work

Profoto Sweden