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Aston Martin DB5 Shoot - Switzerland

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The location was Switzerland and the car, the iconic Aston Martin DB5, very possibly one of the best know and most famous cars in the World as James Bonds car, first appearing in the film Goldfinger.
The shoot was for our Aston client and will be used within marketing advertising both in Europe and Asia.

Tim -"Switzerland is a truly wonderful location for this sort of work as its really suits the cars personality and many ways when I shoot a car thats is what I am looking at first, 'what does this car say to me, what does it represent'. When your working commercially you need to have a very firm idea in your head as to which way you want to portray the subject and this is very often driven by your client themselves, however the photographer is always part of these plans of course and at this stage its good to also consider the viewer, the clients customer if you like, and look at their aspirations and desires as these are the things that a commercial photographer should really focus on to create a body of work that really hits the message home and creates that all important desire to drive the clients marketing and advertising forward successfully. In the case of the DB5 it really is a car thats an icon and for me to drive this through the Alps on a beautiful sunny day is in many ways, perfect,"