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Professional Photographer of the Year Award

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We are delighted to announce that photographer Tim Wallace has today had piece of work selected to be in the final selection of work for the Prestigious Professional Photographer of the Year Award 2008.

The selection was made under the Professional Commercial Photography category and hopefully we will discover in the next few weeks the final result. The piece selected was a commercial photograph that Tim took of an Aston Martin DB7 GT for one of his commercial automotive clients.

Tim - "Its great to have had a a piece of work selected for this award, the Aston was being shot for one of my commercial clients and nearing the end of the shoot we had a terrific storm base of cloud starting to appear. Rather than pack up and run for cover I couldn't help thinking that it would make a very emotive shot of the GT 7 given the cars sleek design. I made some calls and managed to organise a large sheet of near transparent white material. After a lot of fussing around to actually get the sheeting to stay down with out flying away I got the shot that you can see here. It was a testing 30 minutes but thankfully I think its a a shot that works. When presented to the client we entitled some marketing material with the slogan 'The journey begins' which I feel sits well with the overall mystery and feel of the shot."