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Pro Seminar held at Jaguar Centre in UK

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This weekend saw the 'Pro' seminar take place at the main Jaguar headquarters in Castle Bromwich. The event was aimed at professional photographers and was the second of these seminars that Ambient Life photographer Tim Wallace has now undertaken with Jaguar in association with Calumet. The event was very much 'hands on' with support from manufacturers should as Hasselbald, Nikon, and Bowens, focusing very much on commercial car photography and its very many different aspects. Approximately 45 professional photographers attended at differing levels of work and covering many aspects of commercial work from sports to advertising.

The event was structured around three main area's of studio lighting with cars, with a main stage setup for a simple side on car shot using different lighting solutions, a interior car area in Jaguars 'white room' with continuous lighting, and finally a separate area for experimental lighting using differing types of light fittings supplied by Bowens. Hasselblad supported the main area's with experts from the company on hand to answer in depth questions relating to the various Hassleblad models, and very kindly supplied 6 full equipment kits for the audience to shoot with and test out. All through the day Tim was on hand working between the groups to answer any questions relating to car photography, and indeed some regarding his own work, how he approaches his photography as well as what motives and inspires him.

Following the success of these events the organisers, Jaguar and Calumet, are already looking at planning a series of outdoor seminars that will be based around more 'action' based photography including car rigs, environmental car photography and portable lighting. These are most likely to be held in the UK and will be in early 2009, we will be offering more details and booking links once we have everything in place so what this space.

Tim Wallace
"The Jaguar events have been an enormous pleasure for me, and the Pro day whilst being very demanding was a great event and I feel confident that all the attendees had a good chance to look at the different aspects that make up this area of photography. Its always difficult when your working with large groups as everybody is at different skill levels, with different questions and area's that they are looking to improve in, but with the help of the event organisers we manged I think to try and accommodate most people, in fact by the end of the day I'd actually lost voice, which was appreciated by some I think..."

"I would like to thank Calumet for their support in the events and most especially Frankie, events coordinator, for all her hard work and her amazing ability to cope with all those last minute little emergencies that have a habit of popping up, without her dedication and professionalism we would not have been able to make these seminars possible. Also the fantastic support from Hasselblad and Nikon for their help and the sheer volume of equipment supplied to be on hand and available, and not least the chaps from Bowens for the lighting supply and all the work in getting three separate area's ready in record speed, Dave you are a true legend!"