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Industry first with Jaguar UK

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Calumet stages an industry coup with Jaguar cars in an exclusive event for photographers with prestige car maker Jaguar. The event will be hosted by Ambient Life photographer Tim Wallace who has attracted press and publicity for the event and has been described in one recent article as "one of the best car photographers in the UK"

Tim - "This is going to be a great event and I'm really looking forward to spending the day working with the groups involved and talking about two things I'm really passionate about, cars and photography. I think its important to take part in events like this and I was really pleased when both Jaguar and Nikon put my name forward for heading the seminars. With the support of all the key suppliers such as Nikon, Hassleblad, Bowens, and Apple to name but a few I think its going to be a very exciting and inspirational day for those involved. I'd like to also say a special thanks to Francesca Munden of Calumet who basically put this event together, a very professional and helpful young lady who has done a wonderful job in getting everybody together to make this happen".

Press Release:

Following six months of high-level talks and painstaking planning, leading photo-retailer Calumet is set to stage an exclusive workshop event for photographers and car enthusiasts in a unique ‘industry first’ deal with prestige car maker Jaguar at the Jaguar Cars Visitors’ Centre, Birmingham.

The company has teamed up with the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust and one of the world’s top car photographers, Tim Wallace, to offer photographers and car enthusiasts a unique autumn workshop opportunity. Explained Michele Channer, Calumet Photographic’s UK marketing director: “This is a tremendous coup for Calumet and gives our customers a superb opportunity to shoot new and classic Jaguar cars in a double studio environment as part of a day-long workshop by Tim Wallace – one of the best car photographers on the planet. We’ll be taking over the entire visitors’ centre site for the day.”

She added: “In addition to the seminar and hands-on shoot, which will include inside close-ups of classic cars, we will be setting a challenge to every delegate to produce an image that could feature on the front cover of Jaguar’s Heritage Archive Magazine. And depending on the results we plan to set up a special exhibition to showcase the best work too”.

Key vendors like Bowens, Nikon, onOne and Hasselblad will be on site to dispense hints, tips and workflow advice and each delegate will drive away with a finished digital print supplied by Epson.

Topics covered by Tim Wallace will include:

What it takes to be a good car photographer
Elements of car photography
Shooting styles
Environment and how it impacts on mood
Car rigs and how to make the most of them
Shooting car to car
Working on a budget
Digital post techniques
Fitting your work to the client brief.

John Maries, executive director at JDHT said: “We are looking forward to seeing some really inspirational images from the day. Jaguar has always produced some of the world’s most beautiful cars and delegates will get the chance to photograph latest models like the XK and XF as well as some all-time classics from our collection.”

Jaguar have issued information and further details can be found in publications covering the event such as the Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Independent, Observer, XK Gazette, Jaguar World Monthly, Jaguar Heritage Archive, Motor Sport, Auto Express, Autocar, Classic and Sportscar, BBC Top Gear, Tatler, Octane Media, and Classic Car Weekly.