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Good luck to our client at their product launch

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Good luck today to my good friends and clients Vincent and Sophie as they launch their new Company at the Paris Retromobile Show.
It was my pleasure that I was able to do all the photography for their launch at the Paris Motor Show as well as providing all the imagery for their new website that launched this morning to coincide with the Paris Show opening.
Great people, great clients and great products.
The very best wishes for today for your exciting launch

You can view all their exciting new products on the SAXER New Website launched today

Vincent Saxer

SAXER Car Care System: A new line-up to keep your car looking fantastic, premium-quality, simple and effective.
"It is a great pleasure and tremendous source of pride for us to be able to introduce to you our new lines of products.
In developing each product, we had a single goal in mind: to provide our clients with a solution that would be extremely-effective, but also utterly simple and, above all, quick to use.
In our ten years of experience importing and distributing automobile cosmetic products, one problem keeps being reported by our customers: often times, the product ranges offered by our fellow manufacturers are too broad and require that users dedicate an inordinate amount of time to vehicle care. With SAXER Car Care System, the market now has a simple and innovative solution to this problem --built from scratch. It was our aim to enable detailing in its simplest possible form.
The result is a compact line of effective products and a simplified process that enables considerable time-savings. It goes without saying that SAXER Car Care System was designed to be usable on all cars, whether vintage or just out of the dealership.
We also eagerly involved our customers and partners in developing SAXER Car Care Products. At one demonstration of the prototypes at the Schlumpf Museum (Mulhouse, France), the staff was won over by the effectiveness of our products and immediate results. The time had come and we felt the need to create a unique line of automobile care products “

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