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Client Pall-Ex Launches New Website

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Several months ago AmbientLife photographer Tim Wallace was approached by Hilary Devey's (Ex Dragons Den Entrepreneur) marketing team to look at a large project to totally transform and create a library of dynamic image assets that would be used in the build of a brand new global website for her Palletised Freight Distribution Company Pall-Ex. Tim spent 3 days this week working through the project with the Pall-Ex team to deliver a spectrum of photography that has now been implemented into a new corporate global site for the company that launched a few days ago.

Hilary Devey made her fortune launching Pall-Ex, a palletised freight network. Launched in 1996, Pall-Ex was the third palletised goods distribution network to be launched in the UK. It was based on the well-established hub and spoke express parcels distribution model.
Pall-Ex handles around 8,000 palletised consignments through its Leicestershire hub each day. The Pall-Ex Group vision is "to become the leading pan-European palletised freight distribution network," and to this end, the business is currently seeking prospective Principal National Partners in Turkey, Scandinavia and Germany. The realisation of this network will substantially reduce freight costs, ensure consistency of service across Europe and better enable trade with the fast growing Asian markets and the rest of the world.

The company has seen a great deal of new system implementation and growth over the last few years, they are working hard to expand their european network and in so doing chose recently to make a further investment into their online presence and website. Tim was contacted a few months ago with a outline of the project and AmbientLife took the brief onboard and the planning began. Like any logistics or distribution business it is a fast paced and 24 hour operation so a great deal of planning and preparation was required to tie together all the key elements to be captured across the project. Tim was chosen for the project not just because of his own unique style to transport related photography work but also for his experience working within these business types, understanding the client needs in regard to the brief is important but also Tim has a firm understanding of the real time operational requirements and how to work best within those to achieve the photography to fulfil the brief fully.

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