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Viva Las Vegas 2016

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Las Vegas 2016

Photoshop World Vegas each year is the place to be as some of the worlds top photographers converge on Las Vegas to take part in the event which has now grown to be one of the biggest in the world. Tim is amongst those invited each year to be an instructor at the event where he gives a wide selection of classes including business talks in relation to the world of professional commercial photography, lighting classes, special pre con events, and performs a live car shoot on stage within the convention centre at the Mandalay Bay Resort.

Photoshop World is held in summer each year with the annual event through KelbyOne and sponsored by Adobe.
The event is truly massive and attracts people from quite literally all over the globe, with the driving force behind this show spectacular being KelbyOne.
It is the place to be if your want to learn from some of the top photographers in the World today, all under one roof in this spectacular event that offers 3 days of shows and on stage seminars, get to meet the instructors off stage, special events and parties in the evening and one of the worlds biggest Expo events all in the desert city on Las Vegas. "What happens in Vegas, usually ends up on YouTube!…"

Photoshop World is where creative people from all walks of life come to take part in affordable, hands-on learning that can’t be found anywhere else. Gaining valuable, real-world experience from innovative instructors, while building camaraderie amongst creatives with shared passions. From beginners to experts, teachers to students, hobbyists to professionals, this is place where everyone is invited to share, network and engage in a welcoming community.

Tim's History with KelbyOne
Tim has been a KelbyOne instructor for several years now and over in the US Scott Kelby described Tim as one of the most influential car photographers in the World today and Tim was invited to the US by Kelby and with their filming and production crew produced a set of one hour long video tutorials that cover the in-depth aspects of the lighting of cars in photography, Tim's the approach to a shoot and the issues and solutions that can arise in different situations and working with just available light effectively. These video seminars are available online through KelbyOne.

The video seminars have since proved a huge success and have received some great feedback from the tens of thousands of professional and amateur based viewers Worldwide that have used them to help them understand items from new lighting techniques to how to look at a scene and work to build up for a more atmospheric photographic capture. The videos also look at working with just one light for those that wish to try out and experiment in this field but have limited equipment available as well as some dedicated photoshop retouching and digital processing classes. Tim is now a regular guest at Kelby and continues to build on the catalogue of training videos available through his dedicated area on the Kelby site where he is one of the featured instructors in the World alongside some of the biggest names in the photography today such as Joe McNally and Jay Maisel.
You can also find 2 in depth interviews lasting over 1 hour each with Tim talking about the business side of the industry from setting up and first things to think about, through to client strategies and effective quoting as well as a second 1 hour video interview where Tim talks about what inspires him today and talks through the journey that led him to where he is today.

Want to see Tim's video seminars today?
Visit KelbyOne where all Tim's courses are available online to view Tim Wallace - KelbyOne Training Instructor

9 in-depth lighting, photography and technique video classes now available with over 10 hours of material to view

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