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Out Of Chicago 2016

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Last week Car and Commercial Photographer Tim Wallace was invited to be a key speaker at the 'Out of Chicago' Conference.
The event attracts people from all over the USA and other worldwide countries and is a very popular three day event held at the Central University in downtown Chicago.

Tim - "This was my first time at OOC and also my first time in Chicago, the event itself is really great in the fact that it is very focused on what it offers and there is a real sense of community throughout the three days. I had a Pre Con seminar on business and also gave talks on what inspires me to drive forward with my own career as well as also hosting some smaller one hour sessions both on business and as part of a panel group on how photographers can make money from their work in the current markets. As part of my schedule I also gave a special live shoot seminar at a luxury car dealership in downtown Chicago with a McLaren to walk a select group of people through lighting and shooting automotive work in some situations that are not always ideal and how to cope with that. The whole;e event was a huge success and the feedback I have received since has been really great to see. Its good to know that these events both inspire and help people both in their own businesses as well as with their photography. I am looking forward to being part of future events both in Chicago and also in other area's where the event will be held such as New York and Maine."

Some BTS from the event as well as some interviews that Tim gave while he was in Chicago

Motivation and shooting style with Tim Wallace: OOC Podcast Episode 44

Link to Out of Chicago 2017 early bird registration.

Link Out of New York 2016 info.

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