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Hungry Eye Magazine Volume 4 Issue 1

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Hasselblad - Masters At Work Feature

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This week Hungry Eye Magazine launched its latest issue that has a feature on Hasselblad reaching their 75th anniversary.
The feature discusses the history of the company and its infamous camera's, words from photographers such as TIM WALLACE, TOM OLDHAM, and GERED MANKOWITZ as well as featuring some images of vintage Hasselblad camera models that we provided for the Magazine from Tim's own personal collection of Hasselblad film camera's.

The work of commercial and automotive car photographer Tim Wallace is often described as dramatic and conceptual, it is well regarded and received both by commercial clients and within the advertising industry itself and has lead to awards such as; International Commercial Advertising Photographer of the Year and UK Motor Industry Car Photographer of the Year.

A Hasselblad user since before his teens, Tim explains what Hasselblad means to him.

“In many ways Hasselblad sits at the core of my business, it is my weapon of mass creativity.
I’ve been shooting on Hasselblad since I was 12 years old, starting with the epic Hasselblad SWC, which I still have and still shoot on even today for my own personal work. Today within my competitive field of commercial photography client demands are high and having the right equipment is essential. I only really care about three things, Reliability, quality of output and my lenses. I have worked with my current digital bodies professionally for 10 years, such as the current H5, in temperatures between –15c and +48c without a single failure and that is a very important aspect of making the choice to stay on the Hasselblad platform as I often need to shoot in very difficult conditions on locations around the world. Knowing that I can totally rely on my equipment delivering what I need is crucial on a big campaign shoot. I recently shot the new prototype for Peugeot in their studio at the Peugeot design centre in Paris, ready for launch at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The shoot lasted 4 days in studio with temperatures reaching 48c as we had a heat wave in Paris at the same time. The camera performed flawlessly and its knowing that I can have that con dence in the equipment means that I can focus on being creative and getting the campaign shot. Sure, over the years I have been asked to try other platforms but for me, personally I will continue to use what I am most comfortable with. I also would say that I could not let go of my lenses, the Hasselblad lenses and the quality of those optically play a key part in that decision too.”

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