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Mercedes McLaren SLR - Tallinn

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This week commercial and automotive car photographer Tim Wallace was in Tallinn, Estonia, for the week to shoot the Mercedes McLaren SLR and instruct at the NIKON 'I AM Photographer' festival that is held in Tallinn each year.
During the week Tim gave a 'Inspired' lecture where he about his journey with the industry and photography over the last nine years as well and what motives him and what effected him and influenced him through that journey to make the choices he has made.
Tim then held a 'Live Shoot' with a pro group shooting the Mercedes SLR McLaren that was kindly provided by our friends at Mercedes Baltic Region

Some completed work that Tim created during the event workshop

A few behind the scenes from this event.

Whilst in Tallinn Tim was invited to be one of the judges in the Nikon 'I Am Photographer' photographic competition where there were literally thousands of submissions from over 13 countries. Here is a very funny out take video that was made during the final interviews with the judging panel as they talk about their favourite image of the competition. This video was first published on I AM Photographer 2016 Festival Gala Award Ceremony on 9th of April in Tallinn

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