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'Ambientlife' And 'The Studio Factory' Launch

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This week launch a exciting new partnership and studio space with The Studio Factory.

The Studio Factory is a purpose built complex of 3 studios based in the North of England close to the City of Nottingham and just 5 minutes from the main M1 Motorway. The facility is a concept idea that began in 2015 and was fully completed in April 2016 as a collaboration between the original Factory owner Chris Onions of The Studio Factory and Commercial Car Photographer Tim Wallace of AmbientLife. The facility offers one of the largest infinity cove studios in England with separate studios that can be utilised for such work as product and portrait / life work and is fully able to be utilised for both stills or video work. Tim worked with the partners to help design and arrange the facility with both the photographer and client in mind and the Studio complex features many of Tim's design idea's that he implemented to create a working environment that is both efficient and creative. We also provide a full end to end client solution providing bespoke photography shoots from conception, full shoot in-house through to retouch and delivery of high end photography for advertising, marketing and print campaigns directly to our clients to meet your requirements.

Contact Details

Phone: +44 (0) 115 978 7658
Mobile: +44 (0) 7983 990 961
Location: NG7 3FF

Please contact the team for more details regarding options and availability / bookings


The Factory Studio Facility

The Studio Factory is a purpose built complex of 3 studios in-house along with an additional area that we call our 'Urban' zone.
We provide a full end to end client solution providing bespoke photography shoots from conception, full shoot in-house through to retouch and delivery of high end photography for advertising, marketing and print campaigns directly to our clients to meet your requirements.
The main studio has been designed specifically around commercial and automotive car based work and has a very generous infinity cove area measuring 14 metres by 12.5 metres with a full floating ceiling suspension measuring 10 metres by 7.5 metres. The area was designed by Tim and can be fully utilised for high end commercial transport based work as well as large product or set designs for shoots. This area comes fully equipped with Professional Arri continuous lighting that can be included the hire package with power access points to the front of the studio floor as well as to the rear to reduce the need for unnecessary excess cabling around your main subject area whilst shooting. The main studio also has two fully moveable platform upright walls on rollers that can be used to position light reflections in a more controllable manner into your main subject and these walls come with both a white and black covering as required. A heavy weight FOBA studio camera stand is included in the studio for use so that you may work accurately and additional mains power is available for your use should you require it.

The studio was very firmly designed with both the photographer and client in mind and the main studio is located just to the front of our client lounge with an viewing window between the two. This feature allows the photographer to concentrate on the shoot while guests or clients can relax in the lounge area and view the shoot at any point without having the need to sit with the studio area. The lounge is fully furnished with comfortable leather settees and has both WiFi and TV available at all times as required as well as coffee and tea making facilities. Mobile phone signal on all major networks is strong at the location with no blackspot within the facility or immediate area.

The Main Studio

Infinity cove drive in studio - 14 metres by 12.5 metres

Full Arri Continuous Lighting Package
2 x T5s
4 x T2s
4 x T1s
Complete range of C stands and floor stands
Plus FOBA Heavy Weight Camera Stand

The Client Lounge

Our client lounge area has been specifically designed with your comfort in mind.
The area is lavished with several comfortable leather settees and has full WiFi and a LCD large TV that can be utilised for screening
Tea and coffee making facilities are central to the lounge and you will find it a very comfortable environment that allows you to work whilst a studio shoot is underway. The lounge also features a viewing window through the the main infinity studio so that you will never feel too disconnected from the shoot in progress and can maintain a view as things progress throughout the day with your colleagues.

Kitchen and Dining

The Studio Factory main building has a purpose built kitchen and dining area that is at your full disposal
Full catering can be easily arranged at your request when booking and the dining area makes it an ideal area to relax and take a break during the shoot.

Other Studio Areas

We have 2 other smaller studio area's available within the Factory facility and these can be utilised for many various forms of work from stills to video work
We have one studio area that is a complete 'dark' blackout zone should you require no light pollution for your work at all while the other studio features a large double window North Facing that allows a sweep of natural light into area.
Both area's are ideal for both product and other work that does not require a full infinity area but demands the control of your lighting area.
A Manfrotto full size product table is also available upon request should you require its use.
Both are equipped with mains power and details are available on request.

End to End Full Client Solutions through Photographer Tim Wallace
Choosing the right photographer for any campaign or project can be difficult, and often that choice is based on creative and technical abilities as well as the photographers own style of work. We believe that these are the key elements and are imperative for a successful client commission. Photographer Tim Wallace has a unique and adaptable style to provide professional creative work that will meet the clients brief and aims to inspire their customers beyond. At the Studio Factory we can provide full end to end shoots for both car and commercial work as well as product and other types of commercial requirements that you may have through high end stills photography. We supply this service totally in-house and deliver a high quality end result to our clients to meet their campaign, marketing and print needs.

AmbientLife's founder is commercial automotive car photographer Tim Wallace who formed his company several years ago with the aim to produce dramatic commercial photography for his clients that inspire their customers.
He is also the humble recipient of many awards including International Commercial Advertising Photographer of the Year, UK Motor Industry Car Photographer of the Year, Hasselblad Worldwide Photographer of the month, Professional Commercial Photographer of the Year as well as receiving Awards for his International Travel Projects, recently in the US Scott Kelby described Tim as one of the most influential car photographers in the World today.

The Studio Factory partnered with AmbientLife in April 2016 to provide both the very best studio hire facilities as well as a total package solution for end clients to create with high quality and creative commercial photography.

We strive to make a campaign the greatest success possible through a strong and dynamic use of photography as well as always ensuring that we expose the essence of the statement the client wants to make through their campaign. Priding ourselves on creativity and attention to detail which guarantees the photography you receive will be the very best possible. Tim Wallace is well known within the commercial photography field and has gained the respect of many key individuals over the years for both his approach and attitude to his work.

The Urban Area
A Industrial Area of Play - 5000 Sq Feet

The Studio Factory was developed and built within a Print Factory originally and when the facility was re-designed as a Studio we felt that it would be a benefit to keep a little of the original building with its strong urban and industrial atmosphere. This led to the creation and preservation of what we refer to as the 'Urban Area'. This area has remained untouched for many years and still has the original factory roof beams and window lights not to mention its gritty industrial past spread through out the room.
The room as accessible through the rear of the main building or through the main studio via a connecting roller shutter door that can take a car and locate it within the area.
The floor is the original factory concrete floor and this can be flooded with water should you require that. It is in effect a totally open zone for you to work in.
Mains power is available throughout the area.

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