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Programme of Seminars Launch with Fujiholics

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We are very pleased to announce a programme of seminars led by UK Based professional commercial photographer Tim Wallace with Fujiholics
This is a very open and diverse range of classes and workshops that Tim has put together that will take place all within the UK and cover subjects such as retouching, lighting and also a 'live studio shoot'. The programme has been designed to specifically to be open to both beginners and the more advanced photographer and there are seminars and classes designed to cover a broad range of skills and not just car based work so that those attending can apply the skills learned across many differing mediums and photography types.
Booking is now open and the links to secure your place are now live.

Fuji Live Studio Shoot
April 18th 2016
Location - Junction 11 Studio, Banbury UK

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Tim Wallace - Live Car Shoot at Junction 11 Studio UK

This is a Studio based class at the infamous Junction 11 Studios near Banbury, the home of many high end Pro car shoots for such people as Aston Martin, Jaguar and Land Rover and is a rare chance to spend a day working within such a studio with one of the worlds leading car photographers. You will be shooting and starting the process from scratch as Tim walks you through each step. You will be look looking at shape, form and light and how they relate to each other, the issues that we are faced with when lighting a multi-angled reflective surface at a professional level. Working with multiple lights we will learn more of how light has a direct impact on what transposes through to our final image. During this studio shoot day we will also be looking at different techniques that we can deploy to get a range of lighting effects using continuous lighting for our car photography and also how these are very different to working with traditional strobes.

Creative and Style Retouching for all Levels with Tim Wallace
April 30th 2016
Location - Cambrian Photography Limited - 87-89 Abergele Road Colwyn Bay LL29 7SA - UK

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Tim Wallace - Creative and Style Retouching Seminar

Fujiholics announce an exciting and unique class from commercial photographer Tim Wallace looking at creative and style based retouching. Tim has only ever spoken twice on this subject in 10 years and on both occasions that was at seminars that he gives on the USA so we are really excited that he has agreed to offer this class here in the UK. The class covers many different aspects of retouching from basic to more advanced so that there is something to learn for everybody no matter what their level of knowledge. This work seminar will apply across a wide range of subjects and is not specific to one type of photography so is open to all who would like to improve their retouching after shooting.

Getting more from light - Beginners lighting Class with Tim Wallace
September 3rd 2016
Location - Cambrian Photography Limited - 87-89 Abergele Road Colwyn Bay LL29 7SA - UK

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Tim Wallace - Getting more from light - Beginners lighting Class

They say ‘lighting’ is everything in photography and is without any doubt one of the most crucial elements to crafting and great image.
In this class Tim Wallace, a well respected and renowned commercial photographer who has shot everything from engineering parts, to huge planes and supercars, to lifestyle and watches will be talking about light. This class is firmly aimed at those that perhaps are not totally sure of how to achieve the images that they practising shooting as well as those that would just like some good advice on which equipment could be best for them for what they would like to shoot. The class will cover a whole broad range of subjects from equipment to how we can work with light and make it do what we want it to do so that we can create great images and build up on those lessons learned and grow as photographers.
All levels are welcome and no question is too silly in this class that Tim has specifically put together so that he can help share his knowledge of light and build an awareness for those attending that if we really start to ‘understand’ light then we often find that lighting, good lighting, is not really as difficult as we may have first thought.
During the class there will be a talk through many different aspects and elements to equipment and light, Tim will be sharing his views and advice as well as offering some valuable tips, as well as offering some demonstrations of lighting in the studio that we have available new to where the class will be held.
If you are seeking help with lighting and would like to understand more about how to learn to light better and progress your work then this is the class for you no matter what subjects you shoot. The advice given is not specific to any style or type of photography but more so is a journey through how we start to understand light and therefore move forward to control it.

Creative Lighting Class with Tim Wallace
October 22nd 2016
Location - Cambrian Photography Limited - 87-89 Abergele Road Colwyn Bay LL29 7SA - UK

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Tim Wallace - Creative Lighting Class

Tim is a well known photographer across the world for his high end commercial work, most predominately within the automotive car industry, in this class he will be approaching the very key subject of lighting. The course is not specific to any style or type of work but is very much a class for those attending to have an opportunity to get a better understanding of light and now we can work with it in many ways moving forward from basics. If we can truly ‘understand' light and why it acts as it does in differing situations then we can start to create situations to dictated and control our lighting.
Tim has shot everything from engineering parts, to huge planes and supercars, to lifestyle and watches across his career and working within the commercial world of advertising and campaign photography he is very aware of the value of good lighting and the importance of understanding how to create light to match our requirement.
The event will take place in studio giving those attending not only a chance to see hands on how lighting can effect things drastically but also will give those attending the opportunity to also shoot their own images and experiment from the lessons learned.
Tim is very well known for his creativity and open approach with a unique strong style of work and creative approach that inspires not only his clients but also their customers, something that was reflected recently when he was awarded, 'International Commercial Advertising Photographer of the Year' and 'Car Photographer of the Year' at the Industry Awards. He is today regarded as a leading automotive photographer within the industry and a renowned creative who is extremely passionate about the 'craft' of photography.

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