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Out Of Chicago 2016 Launches

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Today we are pleased to announce the launch of the Out Of Chicago website ready for the event this summer in Chicago USA where Commercial Automotive Car Photographer Tim Wallace will be giving seminars. talks and also conducting live shoots as part of the event.
This will be Tim's first year at the event after being invited to take part a few months ago whilst giving talks on the east side of the US in Las Vegas.

Tim -"Really looking forward to this event and it will be my very first time too in Chicago! The event is one that has grown over recent years and now attracts a large number of people across different disciplines and levels of ability, its really exciting for me too be part of this and during my time in Chicago I will be giving talks on photography, business and also giving some live shoot classes so that people can I hope learn lots of new skills and take away from the event idea's and new techniques to carry forward themselves within their own photography and within their businesses"

Out Of Chicago Event 2016
June 23rd to 26th 2016
Location - Chicago USA

Out Of Chicago Official Website
Tim Wallace - Instructor Events
Full details of the schedules for the workshops and seminar can be found on the official OOC 2016 website on the link above with booking information.

Thursday June 23rd 6pm to 9pm - Workshop: Taking your business forward with Tim Wallace
Friday June 24th 8am to 12pm - Workshop: Live car shoot with Tim Wallace
Friday June 24th 1pm to 5pm - Workshop: Live car shoot with Tim Wallace
Saturday June 25th 8pm to 9:30pm - A lifetime behind the lens talk with Tim Wallace
Sunday June 26th 10:15am to 11:45am - 'Inspired Business' talk with Tim Wallace
Sunday June 26th 2:15pm to 3:15pm - Panel Discussion: Making money with photography

A recent interview that Tim gave Robert Vanelli when he caught up with Tim Wallace to learn about lighting and business.
Lots more of this can be expected at the Chicago Event in June and we hope to see you there !