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'Inspired Business' Seminars in the UK

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Inspired Business Seminars Around the UK with Tim Wallace
Manchester - 30th October
Birmingham 13th November
Bristol 17th November
London 18th November

‘Inspired Business’ is a seminar course that Tim has been giving over the last two years in the US but until now has not given in the UK. Tim is a globally well-respected commercial photographer and has built up his own successful business working with many major blue chip companies across the world such as Aston Martin, Jaguar Land Rover and Peugeot. Tim was recently in Las Vegas on stage for 4 days giving this very same seminar to a packed US audience and has now agreed to deliver the same seminar through Calumet Academy.

Course Elements:

Understanding how to focus your business and why
Planning your strategy
Winning new clients
Understanding client needs
Adding value to your clients business
Marketing effectively
Understanding how to quote effectively
How to choose your own path
Understanding your place within and industry
Business risk and revenue and how it can work for you
Portfolio’s the do’s and don’ts

Booking through Calumet online on the main BOOKING PAGE with further details on the event and locations.

This is a broad business based seminar that is aimed both at photographers currently in business who are seeking additional guidance and direction as well as those thinking about starting their own business within this industry. The seminar that Tim delivers is very much group event with his class and not only will give those attending many valuable lessons on how to direct and grow a business but also will help to ensure that you know the right questions to ask yourself in developing that business.

This is very much a ‘no holds barred’ Business class by Tim on how to achieve success and think laterally about your brand and direction, he will start by looking briefly at what kind of work he has built his business model on and then move the thought and work process to start to build up a successful photography business and achieve a positive global reputation, positioning yourself successfully within your chosen industry, this is something that Tim is very aware of having built a successful business himself and a respected name within just 8 years from scratch. The session will look at how to make the right informed choices, ask yourself the right questions, and how to set a clear vision for your own path way to success.

How to achieve success and think laterally about your brand and direction. This element will look at how he gained his initial clients, won contracts and kept his clients as his business relationship with them evolved. It will look at how to approach agencies, how to effectively make those first steps and approaches and most of all, and utterly crucially, it will be about explaining how to understand your position better within the field and how to put yourself and your work across in such a way that your clients understand your benefits to them and not just that you can take nice pictures. It's about becoming a trusted and valued name within your industry and creating a need for what you do and not just sitting there and waiting for the phone to ring.