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Ambientlife Celebrates 8 Amazing Years !

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WOW its been 8 years....!

'AmbientLife', a company and concept that photographer Tim Wallace created and brought to life now celebrates its eighth successful year.

It had been an amazing journey so far with so many amazing projects and shoots, today we are very proud indeed, proud to have worked with some of the Worlds most recognised brands and names within the industry as well as working alongside some fantastic clients. The last 8 years have also seen Tim engaging audiences both in the UK, Europe and the US with his seminars and live shoot events and in 2014 he became an instructor on stage in Las Vegas at PSW delivering talks about his work, his methods and how he approaches the work that he produces from the standpoint of both lighting and style. These have gone from strength to strength and Tim also signed up this year with 'Celebrity Speakers' through which he delivers talks on stage about personal motivation and on industry and life from his own personal perspective and experience.

Tim "WOW 8 years! this is something that I am very proud of indeed, its been a huge amount of hard work and many said that I would not achieve my goals when I set out to be the best prestige car photographer that I could but 8 years on I am still here, I have ridden the recession and hard times in car industry, stuck to my business goals and adapted also along the day to capture new opportunities such as the recent moves to also shoot high end truck world for clients such as Dennis Eagle and NFT.

None of this would have been possible at all without my amazing partner Angela, her devotion, love and belief in me and my dreams from the very early days so many years go when I first used to talk about wanting to start 'AmbientLife' have given me the strength and belief to carry on and keep striving for what I believe in and not be deterred from being 'different' .
Also I'm grateful for the support of some amazing true friends that are to me the very very best people that have stood next to me and supported me, the colleagues and clients I have worked with and that have become friends and all those along this journey of mine.

Years ago I ran away from home and lived on the streets of London for a while near Covent Garden, 15yrs old and full of drive with all I owned to my name in a small Adidas sports bag (I still have it) from there I joined the Daily Mail and worked in the Darkrooms, went on to be a photographer in London, worked in some Agencies then joined the Royal Marines. After that I went into Network and Media management for Orange and Virgin and after redundancy in 2006 I took my dreams and started 'AmbientLife.

The last eight years have been a challenge thats is for sure, building a business up from the ground is never an easy task and in the middle of a worldwide recession makes it even more challenging but I have stayed firm in my beliefs for the direction that AmbientLife should take and as the years have unfolded the company, the work that we do and the quality of what we produce has taken the company into new area's and has pushed the boundaries further and further to allow more creativity and more depth to our work, this year I am striving to really push the business in 2015 to make this the best year ever!

I can not thank enough the amazing people that I have worked with over the years and the amazing support and following that AmbientLife has achieved from a truly global audience, I am honoured and touched always by the feedback that I receive and the growing number of people and clients alike who say that they feel 'inspired' when they look at our work.

Thank you !"

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