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Dennis Eagle Trucks - 2015 Brochure Shoot

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Dennis Eagle have been one of our truck industry clients over the last 2 years, and in that time commercial photographer Tim Wallace has worked closely with the UK based company to produce their commercial advertising and marketing photography. This week we were shooting the new 2015 model brochure for Dennis Eagle at one of the UK's largest vehicle studios.
The facility is one that we use for some of our automotive car work but also when the vehicle is somewhat larger and in this case it was the prefect location to allow Tim to complete the shoot on 3 new Dennis vehicles.

All the studio work was shot using a Hasselbald H5 medium format camera system, this gives our client the very highest quality image files for then to then utilise across their business whether that be in brochure and marketing material or being deployed in large format on posters at trade motor events or on billboards. Using a high end image capture system we feel is imperative to our clients to give them not only the flexibility of imagery use but also the very best image quality possible to project their product to their own customers.

Tim - "The day started early as I arrived at the studio not long after 7am, we had a lot of work to get through with quite an extensive shoot list from our client covering three vehicles and various detail / accessory images to capture too. When I arrived the first of the vehicles was already on site at the studio entrance and we had brought in a dedicated vehicle cleaning crew to work on all three throughout the day. When we shoot cars in this sort of situation it is normal that they would be cleaned and prepared in the factory and then transported via a covered transporter to the studio, however thats just not possible with vehicles of this sheer size and weight so each of the vehicles shot had to be driven to the studio directly from the Dennis Eagle factory and then cleaned and prepared on site. As with any shoot the devil is in the detail and its good solid planning and preparation that really makes the difference on a shoot like this."

"We met with the Dennis Eagle marketing director to go over our planning of the shoot as this is always an essential in these situations, which vehicle would be shot first and in what positions and in what order, this is crucial to the shoot as you do not really want to be moving these very large vehicles around too much if you can avoid that to both save time and also keep your shoot location inside the massive studio infinity cove as clean and free from contamination as possible.
Our lighting on this shoot was all 'continuous' lighting equipment that gives us the control over the light that is required to get the right lighting over a vehicle of this size and complexity."

Equipment used:

Hasselblad H5 camera system
Hasselblad 28mm HC Lens
Hasselblad 35mm HC Lens
Hasselblad 50-110mm HC Lens

4 x Arri Fresnel 5K spot & stands
15 x Arri Fresnel 2K spot & stands
10 x Arri Fresnel 1K spot & stands
2 x Kino Flow lighting strips
18 x C Stands

Over the last two years Tim has been shooting all Dennis Eagles commercial photography and the work produced has been unitised across different platforms such as corporate website, brochure and marketing, The work that we produced this week will be added to that library of work at Dennis Eagle and will now be formatted through their central advertising agency to create the final advertising campaigns and brochures.
Below is some of the previous work that Tim has created for the company now in place within their business and being used to promote the Dennis Eagle brand and products across the globe.