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Jaguar Heritage 2015 Campaign Parts Photography

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This week saw commercial car photographer Tim Wallace shooting the second part of a two part project for a 2015 Heritage Campaign for Jaguar UK
Shot at the spiritual home of Jaguar at their factory at Browns Lane near to Coventry in England the shoot was based on a brief to produce a series of high quality 'parts' based images that will be used in online and print media advertising over the coming 12 months within Jaguar as well as being used to form some of the displays at the World Famous Motor Show at the NEC in Birmingham next month.

Tim - "Many people I speak to think that working as a photographer within the car industry simply means turning up at amazing locations with sports cars and shooting dramatic work, true this is very much a perception that I can not deny is fact based at times when we have 'hero shoots' of some models, however on the other side of the coin a lot of time is also spent working on other items that are just as important within the car industry such as parts and service.
The main idea behind this recent shoot with Jaguar was to create some additional parts based work to run on from pervious parts work that I had shot historically for Jaguar and the images will be used both in direct advertising as well as online media. Parts to some people may be a little boring but to me its a great opportunity to push whats achievable by simply using good create flair and great lighting techniques that I have built up over the years working in the car industry."