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Chester University Business Lecture

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This week Professional Commercial Automotive Car Photographer Tim Wallace was invited to give a guest lecture to the Degree Students as they come to the close of their 3 year degree course.
The talk was very much based around the commercial photography industry and Tim gave a 4 hour lecture covering many topics from self development through to gaining clients and the business aspects of that today. The lecture was very squarely aimed at students about to come into the industry and possibly struggling for direction or looking to build clients and workload workload.

This seminar was about business in the Commercial World of Photography and how to give yourself the best chance of success, the business aspects and the mental state of mind required.
The class was aimed at people thinking about starting as a Professional Photographer and are looking for a better idea of things they need to focus their efforts and planning on to succeed in this difficult market.
Tim talked about how he has managed to build his business from scratch in just 7 years to where he is now and he discussed business openly and frankly on his approach to the market and how it has helped to give him the success he enjoys today as well becoming a well respected name known Internationally for his work.

Some of the topics covered;

*Planning your business to give it the best chance to succeed in the futureā€¦
*Focus your business and understand why we need to do this and how to do this
*Building a portfolio
*What it 'really' takes to be a commercial photographer in 2014
*Marketing yourself and presenting your work to the Clients
*Understanding the minefield of commercial quotes and pricing for work effectively