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Welcome to New Clients Triumph North America and Castrol BP

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This week we would like to welcome Triumph North America and Castrol BP to AmbientLife as new clients.
Commercial photographer Tim Wallace was approached by Triumph in the US earlier this year to work with them on a joint project with Castrol BP involving a complex shoot of a new robot that had been developed called the 'Flossie' or as we came to nickname him, 'George'…
The commercial based work that Tim shot for Triumph on this project is to be used on their main company websites both in the US and globally as well as in brochures and general Triumph and BP marketing material.

Let me introduce you to Flossie, the creepy motorcycle-driving robot.
He will drive through scorching heat and freezing cold without a complaint. He will shift perfectly every time. He will haunt your dreams.
Flossie was constructed by Castrol to be used in lubricant testing for just about any motorcycle. Flossie allows testers to monitor how lubricants function over time in a variety of situations, with Flossie the one constant, shifting and riding the bike perfectly each time. The most disturbing part of Flossie's design is that he learns, all by himself, how to get a feel for each bike and how to ride it. To what end, might you ask?
Well, the obvious answer is: to become self-aware, evolve, and enslave us all! Joking aside the Flossie is a state of the art robot that will help Triumph move forward in their own motorcycle design and development and help them to create and produce even more dynamic and high performance race and road bikes in the future.