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Surprise from the A Team !

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Last month we welcomed SwissVax based in Switzerland as a new client, and Tims photography was involved in some large corporate display stands that were shown at the Luxembourg Motor Show where the company had a major presence along with Dirk Benedict of A Team fame. During the process of selection and printing for the show the team from SwissVax told us that Dirk was a big fan of Tim's automotive work and during the show Dirk decided to send a personal message to us about just how much he loved the photography which was slightly unreal in truth but also a very kind gesture and very touching that he took time out to do that.

Tim -"I mean wow just how cool is it to get a personal message like that out of the blue from somebody like Dirk, I am of that age that I spent my Saturday evenings watching the clock so I could pester my parents to let me watch the A Team after tea, its one of those shows from when you were a kid that just stays with you, I was so taken back with this, my life is complete now…lol!"

The Luxembourg Show want very well for our client and proved to be a huge success so we would like to congratulate them on that and also wish them every success in the future. Their online business website is nearing the end of an overhaul and we will also be part of the new photography that is used with that site to bring moire impact to their business and hopefully strive forward for a better and prosperous 2014.

Swissvax today is produced by Swissvax AG which has specialized in the engineering, development and production of lacquers, paintwork and automotive and marine care products. Swissvax AG’s headquarters, the office facilities, the laboratories and the production facilities are located in Fällanden, east of the economical centre of Switzerland Zürich.