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Kelby US - New Video Class Launch - 'How to light Car Interiors'

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Kelby Training is a huge media and photographic based resource in the US and today they launched a new online seminar class on the how to light car interiors with UK commercial car photographer Tim Wallace who is one of the top featured instructors on Kelby Training Media.
Kelby is regarded as one of the Worlds leading providers of film and media based online training for photographers and features online training from some of the leading photographers around the world such as Joe McNally and many other well respected names in the Industry. The new class from Tim features him as he explains and works side by side with Scott Kelby himself, guiding Scott through the process step by step and taking viewers through how to light car interiors, choosing which lights and modifiers to use, lighting positions and using lights effectively within an 'interior environment, shooting positions and finally Tim talks through image choices with Scott and looks at some basic edit clean up in post edit to the final image. The entire class is available online from today and is 1 hour and 42 minutes in duration.

Tim has been working with Kelby in the US for over 2 years now and during that time has recorded numerous classes on photography covering cars, lighting and other aspects of his work, most recently Tim was back in the US and during that time filmed 3 new classes on lighting and 2 in-depth interviews on both business and his personal feelings towards life and his work in an exclusive 'Inspired' interview. In the US Scott Kelby himself described Tim recently as one of the most influential car photographers in the World today and Tim continues to build on the catalogue of training videos available through his dedicated area on the Kelby site where he is one of the 8 featured instructors in the World alongside some of the biggest names in the photography today such as Joe McNally and Jay Maisel.

Kelby Training - How to photograph Car Interiors.

Check out Tim's new class here right now.

Video stills from the class

Kelby Training with Tim Wallace Checkout our online classes here at Kelby Training