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Land Rover Pro Live Shoot Event

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The location was the Land Rover 'proving ground and test track within the massive Land Rover factory complex in Solihull England. The weather was very British..., and the event was the 2013 Land Rover Pro Live Shoot Seminar Event with Commercial Car Photographer Tim Wallace.
The event itself brought photographers in from far and wide including Denmark, the Netherlands and even one dedicated chap who flew all the way from Melbourne Australia just to attend this one day event with Tim. The event was designed by Tim to give the audience a real feel for what is involved on a professional commercial car shoot, and followed the entire shooting process through from car placement and light positioning to finished photography with full support from Profoto UK and also Nikon UK. The day was spent looking at 2 very different setups using multiple Pro lights working together and also looking at problems that car photographers face whilst on location and how to work to find solutions to these using position and lighting. The vehicles donated kindly by our client Land Rover for the event were the new Range Rover Evoque and the legendary Land Rover G4.

Tim- "Many photographers find 'live shoots' in front of a large audience a little daunting for obvious reasons but in my view its really the best way to help people understand not only whats involved technically but also creatively. To try and do this in a class room would be a little I think like trying to explain how to drive to somebody who has never even seen a car...
I'm very fortunate that I have wonderful support on hand from people such as Profoto who are happy to supply both equipment and support staff on the day so that the photographers attending also get an opportunity to try out some of the latest equipment and gain further user based knowledge. I really enjoyed the Land Rover event and it was a resounding success given the very positive feedback that it received."

Following huge demand since previous years 'industry first' live shoot car photography seminars by photographer Tim Wallace the event was sold out quite early on this year however we are now in talks with Calumet and Land Rover to hold additional events to continue to cope with the demand.

All of our UK based seminar talks and Pro live shoot events in the UK can be booked through the main Calumet Seminar central website here where you will see all of Tim's events and venues clearly laid out with additional details and feedback from previous attendees.