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DPC South Africa this month featured the work of Ambientlife photographer Tim Wallace.

"This exceptional Commercial Photographer’s work will have you drooling… Tim Wallace is an unbelievably talented Photographer, his shooting style is very pure and his attention to detail explains why he has received so many awards, including, International Advertising Photographer of the Year. Follow the images below, it will most assuredly inspire you…"

Danie Bester, founder and editor of DPC, has been lecturing extensively on photography throughout South Africa for some years. Danie’s love for fine art photography is evident in both his work, as well as his basic and advanced training courses.

DPC was birthed from Danie’s passion to help others with a desire to learn photography skills and techniques. It is the mission and vision of DPC to help novice photographers understand and effectively use their digital cameras, and take creative photographs, which they can be proud of. Danie realized at the outset that, as students of basic photography acquired basic skills, they would want, and need to be trained in more advanced photographic techniques. In partnership with other professional photographers DPC developed advanced courses and practical workshops to align with these goals.

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