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Video Number 4 with Tim Wallace launches in the US with Kelby

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Kelby in the US this week launched the 4th and final video in the series of films that car photographer Tim Wallace created in the US with them recently. This forth video looks in depth at the post production side of car photography and takes an image from class number 3 where Tim worked in nothing more than available light and looks at how we can adjust and improve that image to really bring it to life and add some drama and impact. Tim also looks at some further techniques and talks through how he not only approaches his post production work but also points out a few things along the way that photographers should be thinking about regarding their work all the way back to the point that they are taking the image with the final edit in mind.
All the classes have been receiving excellent feedback as photographers and keen amateurs around the World follow the series on Kelby Training.

Kelby Training - Post Process For Automotive Photography with Tim Wallace Checkout our four exciting classes online here

What Scott Kelby himself had to say...

"Congratulations once again on your classes Tim, people are absolutely loving them, and so am I, big time!
I really love your teaching style, and you come across great on camera. You sir, rock!

Your humble student

The Wallace Classes Available on Kelby

The four classes that are online with Kelby Training from AmbientLife are;

1. How to light a car using multiple lights
2. Lighting a car and shooting detail with just one light
3. Shooting cars with only available light
4. Photoshop techniques for Car Photographers.

Behind the scenes during the US filming

All of the filming took place in Ybor near Tampa Florida at a location known as 'The Trolley Barn', a location made famous in its use during the filming of 'The Punisher' a few years ago. October in Florida is still pretty hot and during our first week the weather was indeed very humid with the whole team really feeling that heat inside the barn. Our choice of cars over the term of the shooting was a Ford Mustang V6, a Dodge Challenger, and a Cadillac CTS.

Behind the scenes photography - Jessica Gremaud

If you would like to watch how we worked with these cars and made the best use of our lighting then please join us online at Kelby Training where you can review and enjoy all 4 video classes, each of which is around 45 minutes to 1 hour in duration.

Kelby Training - Inspired Light with Tim Wallace Checkout our four exciting classes online here