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Scott Kelby gets Inspired as US videos receive great reviews

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Over the last few months the Kelby Group have been releasing two of the four video classes that commercial car photographer Tim Wallace recorded in the US recently. The video classes have been receiving some great reviews and are currently among the most watched class on the Kelby Worldwide Group. This week even saw the president of NAPP Scott Kelby get inspired himself to get out there with his own camera and try some of the techniques for himself...

Kelby Training - Inspired Light with Tim Wallace Checkout our four exciting classes online here

A selection of some of the reviews and comment from Kelby Training

"I found Tim on the Internet a few years back and i've liked his style ever since. He has a great eye, and he lights the cars in both a very pleasing and interesting way.
I work as a automotive photographer as well and i sometimes find inspiration from Tim's work since i like his style."

"Watched the car one already and loved it. Vital information for me as I try to move into this segment. I am sure the close up video is as good and I can't wait to watch"

"Thanks Scott for giving us the opportunity to further feed on Tim incredible talent, his images are terrific!!"

"Outstanding classes from Tim! I am the least 'car guy' there could possibly be (possibly because I do body repairs on them every day?) and I soooo want to get my gear out and do this! I'm hoping to give it a shot this week some time. Not like I have a lack of subjects in the shop..... :-)"

"Tim Wallace is great... I have watched both of his classes 3 times each and catch something new each time... thank you guys so much for having him teach these classes... One of my co-workers just bought a top of the line Z06 Corvette and agreed to let me shot the car as practice... maybe I will post the pics to the next Grid Critique. :-) Thanks again!!!"

"Wow, Tim Wallace is awesome. It struck me that he has the finished photo already in his head, that is creative thinking I don't have. HA, still using film camera sound for his high end digital. Great stuff!"

"Both classes are terrific. Even if you don't like to shoot cars, you'll get something out of these classes. Great job, Tim!"

Kelby Training - Inspired Light with Tim Wallace Checkout our four exciting classes online here