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Ambient Life travels Stateside for some Inspired Filming with Kelby Training

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Its been almost a year in the planning since we were first approached by Scott Kelby and his crew in the US to shoot some BTS (Behind the Scenes) seminars for the infamous Kelby Training. The Kelby Training channel is used by a captive audience Worldwide that comprises of all levels of photographers from the keen amateur to the seasoned Pro.

Photographer Tim Wallace and his team will be in the US working closely with Kelby at their headquarters in Tampa Florida for two weeks as they film 4 separate 1 hour programmes that feature Tim shooting cars, some of his techniques and a behind the scenes look at how he approaches his work within the automotive industry.

Tim - "It's great to be invited over to the US to work with the Kelby crew, they have a fantastic reputation for the video work that they produce and initially we were only looking at creating two videos of approx 2 hours but after a very very long call between myself and Matt Kloskowski it was not too long before two had turned into four We are planning some great stuff together and I can say that we will also hopefully have some very interesting muscle cars to work with also. We plan to create the videos split over four separate disciplines, Shooting cars with full lighting, Shooting automotive detail, Shooting cars available light, and Photoshop for car photographers. It is quite a project in truth and we are very fortunate that we have not only the full support and resource of the Kelby team behind us but all we have been kindly supported by Profoto, the lighting specialists, their team in the US will be supplying all our lighting equipment for the gig which as you can imagine is quite some effort logistically"

The videos will be edited and produced fully over the coming few months and will be featured at
Kelby Training