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Best New Business Awards Shortlist

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We are absolutely delighted to announce that Ambient Life has been short listed to the final three in the 'Creative Business' category for the 2010 Best New Business Awards. This is a massive achievement and in its own right is something that we feel very proud of indeed. The awards that are held each year are to recognise a special achievement and drive in business...

Hundreds of businesses are nominated each year with only a hand full making it through to the presentation evening, which this year will be held at the 'Legends Room' in the Riverside Stadium and be compared by Wendy Gibson and BBC Television.

Tim Wallace - "This is a wonderful accolade to all the hard work that has gone into making Ambient Life the business that it is today and I for one feel very proud indeed to have been selected for the final 3 candidates for the award in our category. I personally feel that with any 'creative' business its hard to get the right mix between the open and artistic merits of your product work and the more down to earth business of making a healthy profit. I feel that we have that mix just right and allow both to coexist together in our day to day work with our clients. How our customers feel about our approach as well as our product is very important to me personally. I believe good business is built over many years of not just producing inspirational work, but also showing the ability to adapt and change in the marketplace, as well as a willingness to embrace new possibilities. Its certainly fair to say that we've had our successes recently and as with any business a great deal of work and passion has gone into driving our goals forward to achieve new things and build a solid reputation for what we offer our clients, I have a saying in Ambient Life - 'Be passionate about your product, be inspired by your customers', for me it says it all, the most important element of any business is the customer and you simply can't expect them to feel passionate about your product if you don't demonstrate 110% belief and driving passion yourself. I'm really looking forward to the awards evening, and it will give me a chance to look uncomfortable in my Tux again!
I'd also like to say thank you to all the clients and indeed the wonderful people that we have worked with over the last 3 years without them we would not be in this position today, thank you"