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Shooting with Tim Wallace - Behind the scenes

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Hasselblad launch a 'behind the scenes' film that they shot of photographer Tim Wallace when they accompanied Ambient Life on a shoot off the coast of Palma last month to capture a series of commercial work of the luxury yacht 'Genevieve' for a New York client.

Tim - "Its was an exciting project and one that in truth has been on the table being discussed through their New York office now for nearly a year. I'm no stranger to shooting prestige modes of transport and I guess I'm best known for my work in the car industry but this project really offers massive scope to 'get dramatic' and to some degree I feel like we have a blank canvas to fill which was certainly a challenge but one that both myself and the team were very devoted to. I'll worked closely with Hasselblad and the support crew to shoot this stunning ship for a marketing campaign that will hopefully not only raise the brand for our client but also offer a new vision for what it possible in the world of yacht and boat photography. I'm hoping that I have managed to inject some real passion into the project with photography that has not been seen before. I think some of the team were a little anxious of my plans to hang out of helicopters at dawn but after numerous meetings to discuss equipment needs and logistics we saw a very busy but productive 2 days shooting. Trying to plan out lighting and requirements for setups was a challenge and we had 8 lights on the boat and others in support boats to each side while I shot quite literally out of a Helicopter, which is fun to say the least.