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Luxury yatch project and exciting new horizons

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In the new build sector of the super yacht market, there will always be big personalities, visionaries setting out to push the envelope and make a dramatic statement. Photographer Tim Wallace was recently asked to work with a global company who is the top savvy brand behind this market in a new venture to shoot there latest offering 'Genevieve'.

The company approached Commercial Photographer Tim Wallace with a desire to have their product shot in Tim's style using both technical still, medium format high end quality and most importantly 'passion'. Initial interior work has already been completed and Tim along with a crew of support staff including staff from Hasselblad are due to complete the 'exterior' work late in September this year.

Tim - "Its an exciting project and one that in truth has been on the table being discussed through their New York office now for nearly a year. I am indeed very used to shooting prestige modes of transport and I guess I'm best known for my work in the car industry with clients such as Aston Martin and Morgan. This is really exciting though and to some degree I feel like we have a blank canvas to fill which is going to certainly be a challenge but one that both myself and the team I've picked are very devoted to. We will be flying back out towards Italy late September where I'll be working with Hasselblad and the support crew to shoot this stunning ship for a marketing campaign. It's true to say that from what I've seen of previous work in this sector it does seem a little stale and lifeless, I'm hoping to inject some real passion into the project with photography that I hope has not been seen before. True, I think some of the team were a little anxious of my plans but after numerous meetings to discuss equipment needs and logistics we are I believe ready to get things on track for the shoot window in September. Trying to plan out lighting diagrams and requirements for setups were we will have 8 lights on the boat and others in support boats to each side while I shoot while hanging, quite literally, out of a Helicopter is fun to say the least.
Has it been easy, well in truth the logistics of a shoot like this never are, the amount of equipment required, insurance, the sheer fact that your dealing with a ship that costs out at £1m per metre not to mention the hire and set up for 2 helicopters and multiple RIB fast boats for lighting etc. I'm looking forward to the project and I'm sure that as soon as we have completed this part we'll be posting some sample's on The Hype along with all those predictable behind the scenes shots..."