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Super Sport Shoot

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Photographer Tim Wallace has been continuing his project work with Morgan this week shooting work for the marketing of the current Super Sport model.

This Morgan Aero Supersports is essentially an open-top Aeromax. The demand for 100 Aeromax hardtops was just so great that Morgan decided to build another similar model. The Supersports uses the same 4.8-litre V8 as the Aeromax, comes with a wood and leather-covered interior and features a bonded aluminium chassis that is cloaked by superformed aluminium panels.

The changes you’ll notice over the Aeromax are the two detachable aluminium roof panels that can be stored in the boot, and the silver finished roof bar.

'The Morgan Aero SuperSports is a luxurious flamboyant sports car which also remains true to Morgan’s philosophy of lightweight minimalist simplicity,’ said Charles Morgan, grandson of the company’s founder. ‘It is a celebration of our love of cars and the romance of travel and is a fitting model to announce during Morgan’s Centenary year.’

The car is now in production an just 200 will be made with a price tag of £127,000