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Photo PRO Magazine news pages have this month featured an article recommending this years 'Inspired' tour by UK based Commercial Photographer Tim Wallace. The tour begins on Sept 4th in Central London and continues through across the country until November 17th. Tickets are in demand and some venues have only limited places remaining so if you would like to attend please ensure that you reserve your place soon.

UK Tour Dates

Central London – Sat 4th September
Glasgow – Wed 8th September
Manchester – Sat 2nd October
Nottingham – Fri 8th Oct
Bristol – Fri 22nd Oct
Birmingham – Fri 5th Nov
Edinburgh – Sat 13th Nov
Liverpool – Wed 17th Nov

The 2010 UK Tour will be discussing starting in Commercial Photography. Tim will be covering such topics as;

*Building an efficient Workflow
*Buying equipment
*Making a business plan
*Tax and VAT
*Building a portfolio
*What it 'really' takes to be a commercial photographer
*Marketing yourself
*Presenting work
*Pricing work and quotes

If you wish to book a place on any of the events mentioned on this page please contact the marketing department of Calumet UK who organise our placements on these seminars or visit the dedicated Calumet Events pages.
bookings can be made here Calumet Events Online

You get further information regarding all our Seminars here.