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Morgan begin International Advertising Campaign

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Morgan recently unveiled the New Morgan V6 Roadster at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland with photography commissioned by Ambient Life Photographer Tim Wallace. This month, following that very successful launch, saw the start of a new Morgan international advertising campaign to promote both the new Roadster and the infamous Morgan brand.

The Roadster is built in the same traditional way, but now with the latest engine producing 45 bhp more than the previous Plus 8, and with less weight. This gives the Roadster superior handling. It is also well priced at under £40,000, particularly if you take into account that this is a hand built car in aluminium - the only other manufacturer that we can think of that also builds cars in aluminium in the traditional way is AC, and they charge £120,000 for a Cobra !

Jason Barker in the November issue of EVO " ...if it's a traditional Morgan you've set your heart on and you were wavering since V8 production ended, waver no longer because the V6 model is a worthy successor and a character in it's own right."

Autocar "Think Morgan and you think open roads, country lanes and picnics in fields. In that environment the Roadster makes sense. For one it's very quick. Then there's the sound. Get near the 6700 rpm cut-out and 24 valve V6 emits a glorious howl ."

Andrew Frankel in the Sunday Times "In the driving smoothly, thinking ahead and understanding the idiosyncrasies of your car, you can go faster, stay safer and at the journey's end experience a sense of pride you'll not find in a modern car that does it all for any Morgan it is built entirely by hand in a factory that first started producing Morgans in 1910. Go there and it is like a time warp- a world of chisels, planes and lathes where cars are lovingly created by the hands of craftsmen, not expertly assembled by the mechanical arms of made me feel good.It indulged and involved me in a way that few modern cars could, and while the fun it provided was slightly perverse and mildly masochistic, fun it undoubtedly was."

Charles Morgan - "Morgan don't want to be too big for our boots. We will always be a small player, one of the car world's Davids but with the ability to make genuinely interesting coach-built cars".