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Hasselblad Portfolio Launches

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Hasselblad this week launched a series of online photographer galleries featuring some of the professional work of those photographers working with the Hasselblad system within the industry.

This week saw the start of a new online area showcasing the work of Ambient Life photographer Tim Wallace.

Tim -"The new online portfolio area that Hasselblad have built is a great collection of some of the finest photographers in the World today and I have to say that I do indeed feel very honoured to have my own work featured within it. I have been working in the Hasselblad high end medium format for a few years now and like many professionals I'm constantly aware of the need to strive for the highest quality possible as well as developing new imagery that can really wow my clients, Hasselblad systems give the ability to concentrate on the 'creative' aspects and not have to worry about output quality as I know that it's always going to be at a consistently high level for both myself and my client.
Next month we start that first of our 'Live Shoot' seminars and we will be kicking off at the Land Rover plant in Birmingham with a very large two day event that promises to be very exciting and challenging. We will be fully supported at the event from Hasselblad and it will give our attendees an opportunity to shoot with the new H4 system and see for themselves in a live environment why so many professionals like myself choose Hasselblad for all round stability and precision."

Hasselblad Portfolio | Tim Wallace