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2010 Mercedes Commercial Calendar Completed

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A few months ago we were approached by Mercedes Benz to create a series of photography for their 2010 Commercial Parts calendar, the challenge was that this time rather than working with prestige saloon and sports cars we'd be shooting actual commercial vehicle parts. The key to this project really was in the lighting and the ability to perhaps see the possibilities in a light bulb, quite literally...

Photographer Tim Wallace took on the challenge with this being our second year in commission for this work with Mercedes and the results of that work have now been successfully creatively managed by 'Purple Marketing' into the new 2010 Mercedes Calendar which today went into distribution to all Mercedes Dealerships ready for the new year.

Tim- "A lot of people think that being a commercial car photographer is all about shooting amazing sports cars everyday, nothing could really be further for the truth and the type of work that you see here for Mercedes is more common than you'd think. For me its all about the lighting, creating something appealing regardless of whether or not its a £100,000 car or a clutch plate. Photographer all around us however its often this type of work that is most challenging in its nature and ultimately very rewarding, every time you open a brochure or look at a magazine in a dealership you need to consider that 'somebody' had to shoot that and come up with a concept to create a visual image that could be seen as appealing in that context. I really enjoyed this shoot and have already started to consider a shooting plan for 2011!"