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'Fashion Kills' - Project shoot for Hasselblad

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This week saw Ambient Life Photographer Tim Wallace complete the first part of a two part project 'Little Miss Innocent' for Hasselblad. The 'Fashion Kills' shoot which was all studio based is centred around the contrast between beauty and the controversial use of animal fur through the fashion industries history.

All of the work was shot in a single day using the Hasselblad H3 DII digital camera that Tim uses for high end commercial work, and features the model Zara Ann who is known for her work within the vintage fashion industry.

Tim - "This is a project that has been in the back of my mind for nearly two years now and after a chance meeting with Zara I decided it was time to get the project underway. Zara is a fantastic model to work with and has just the right look for what I was trying to capture. Of course it's always difficult to work on projects that are controversial but I think it's important from a photographic point of view to produce work that can challenge the viewer beyond the single meaning of a photograph.
Zara is currently a fashion student at art collage and by night is an award winning international burlesque performer! I think it's very fair to say that she has a stunning career ahead of her and is a great lady that I look forward to working with again soon as we move to the second stage of the project"