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UK Tour visits Manchester with Photographer Tim Wallace

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Today Ambient Life photographer Tim Wallace was in Manchester as part of his 2009 UK 'Inspired Pixels' tour for Calumet. The tour has proven very popular with all those that have attended and whilst Tim addresses CS and photographic technique he also talks at length about the business side of photography as well as offering advice on survival and growth in the very competitive sector of commercial photography.

The 2009 seminars that have been developed specifically for this tour will be held at Calumet sites in all the locations.
A rare insight into the world of commercial photography and covering aspects such as starting out in this field through to work-flow, lighting and equipment.

Tim- "It's not as easy as you would think to talk for 4 hours however I must confess that I'm really enjoying meeting so many different photographers, and indeed being able to have the chance to pass on some of my own experiences as well as open debate and discussion on some popular topics such as marketing and promotion within the industry. So far there's been a vast cross section of people with different levels of experience attending the seminars and I think this really helps to open things up and help us all to learn and take valuable knowledge away from the day. So far I've not actually managed to end a seminar on time as they normally over run on time simply due to the amount of discussion they create, this to me is a very good sign that people are not only gaining useful knowledge but also that they are really enjoying the experience which for me makes all the difference"

Each seminar lasts a minimum of 4 hours and covers;

Professional Work-flow
What’s important and why, how we approach work-flow, monitor calibration, actions for speed in work-flow, and finally printing output.

DSLR or Medium Format
How to choose a format, and why both can exist jointly within the Pro field today.

Pixel Awareness
Addressing why some people feel something has been lost in the change to digital from film and why.

The Commercial Shark Tank
What it takes to be a commercial photographer, the ups and downs, introducing yourself to the market, the reality of the early days.

Commercial Work, The Approach
A talk through some of Tim's own varied commercial work, what inspires him and how he approaches a shoot including the background on some of his photography.

The New Digital Purest
Addressing today’s views that digital is not pure photography, how photography has evolved to lead us to what we use now, also how this measures against older techniques, and how these traditions of the past can be transposed into the way we shoot today.

Being Inspired
Tim will also be discussing his work and explaining the mental path he takes to creating some of the world famous inspired images that make up some of his own portfolio.

Tickets for the final venue's and further details are available direct from Calumet online

Please note that these events are separate to Tim's annual automotive professional 'live shoot' seminars that are this year going to be held at both Jaguar in Birmingham and Land Rover in Halewood following the success of the programme last year and increased demand.